Don’t get too excited here.  Try and control yourself, we don’t have medics standing by. I’m not Oprah, so I don’t have anything to offer you for free, except advice.  When it comes to real estate though, I do have a list of favorite things.  These are products that I have found over time that work well in regard to cleaning, staging and prepping a home for sale.  Not all of them are pricey; in fact you may already have a few of them.  I mention many of them in my listing presentations as I walk around a home to see what seller’s might need to do, to show their home in its best light. Here is a list my favorite things and why they made the list.  They are in no particular order.

Drumroll please………………………..

Glade Vanilla Scented Plug-Ins

The Vanilla and Lilac scent is ok too.  They give a nice warm undertone to a home.  Seller’s have a tendency to make a home smell too fragrant.  Buyers just want a home to smell clean, floral scents are often over powering.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

I am not going to get model specific, because I don’t think it matters.  I have pets and have a tendency to kill my vacuum cleaner every 2 – 3 years.  The Dyson picks up pet hair others leave behind.  It is great for picking up after the kids as well.


Candles are a great staging tool, because they work in every room of your home.  Try putting 3 together on a shelf, a dresser or centerpiece on a table.  They give a home a warm feeling even when they are not lit.

Area Rugs

Buy a couple to help divide a large room up, and give smaller areas more definition.

Shoe Boxes

How many of you have a closet with empty show boxes?  Shoe boxes are a great way to store items you don’t necessarily want potential buyers to see when viewing your home.


Bamboo lives a long time, just in water.  It’s a great plant to add to a room even if you don’t have a green thumb.  Try putting 3 stalks together in a clear vase with pebbles or glass beads.

Duvet Covers

Let’s face it, comforters can be pricey.  Duvet covers are a great way to use the same comforter when you change the décor of a room.  Or, if you need a new comforter you can save money and buy any pattern you want, because no one will see it with a duvet.


I use Kaboom on everything including my carpet.  I advise you test an area before trying this.


Books are another great staging tool that works in every room of a home.


IKEA is a great store if you are looking to re-do a room, add extra storage or if you simply want to finish a room with items like bookshelves.